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HHC Infused CBD Pre-Roll - Purple Punch 1g

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HHC Hemp flower is one of the most requested hemp flowers to date, and we are finally releasing it to all of you! This flower is going to treat you very much like how an Indica flower might treat you. Much like a good Delta 9 flower, this will deliver a full-body relaxation and a very nice, light, head buzz that will help drive the point home. Perfect for nighttime relaxation, kicking back, and calming down. Fantastic at helping soothe an overwhelmed mind.

  • 1 joint per container / 1 gram per joint
  • 160mg HHC, 230mg CBD, and 10mg CBG per joint
  • Grown in USA.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an Indica styled strain, which gives off a sweet grape and blueberry flavor, accented with vanilla and cinnamon overtones. Some people compare the taste of Purple Punch with a slice of homemade apple pie..